• Nikolay Katsarski Sofia university St. Kliment Ohridski


Integrated business management, strategic planning, water management


Integrated processes in business occupy a significant place in daily activities. These business processes include activities to identify strategic approaches for the deployment of new production facilities. All this is relevant to the business model used. Each model is unique to each organizational structure and should answer the question - How does an enterprise create value? Determining value is a key point in integrated business management. Water scarcity globally necessitates its effective management. Water resource management is associated with the organization of processes for the collection of financial and non-financial information. The use and analysis of physical and monetary estimates for management purposes in relation to the business management model is the starting point for the strategic development of the organization. The development of strategically integrated projects stems from the need that the economy, the population, pollution, and climate change cannot be adequately controlled. Therefore, developing a future-oriented strategic focus can improve the overall condition of the business. The development of an integrated strategy begins with an assessment of the state and environment (external and internal), set specific goals, develop models for the interconnection and interdependence between the external and internal environment to fulfill the set goals, present the business model, integrated policies and activities and focus on the future.
In the next 50 years, business intelligence systems will take on an increasing edge. The need for adequate management and integration of multiple processes in the smallest detail will lead to the need for integrated business and business process management. The scarcity of resources, and especially of clean water, at the expense of the industry, is at the heart of the future-oriented focus. The links between business and nature will increasingly be observed. Integrated thinking is gradually becoming a driving force for innovation. In this way, optimization processes are created to reduce the use of water resources, reuse them for industrial purposes and improve their quality. With the advent of I / O things and smart cities, opportunities are created to limit losses and subsequently control risk mitigation. That is why integrated business management in relation to the water ecosystem helps for both industry and households. Next level of integrated business management is information flow from shareholder to managers. The core function of this information is the opinion of the shareholders for the future of the company. In that way, they will be informed of value creation directly and will give some advice for future activities.




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