• Predrag Stevanovic
  • Bratislav Filipovic
  • Ana Petrovska
Keywords: electronic portfolio, school director, education, professional development


E-portfolio in recording professional development is a modern way of tracking and recording creativity and competencies of employees in education. E-portfolio has great potential in promoting the results of employees' work in education and represents a good way of presenting the results of the individual and the complete institution. This is much more than just a set of documents - it is a complete record of the development and promotion of an employee. Archived data can be easily accessed and perceived by the teacher's development path and can be made available to colleagues, school management, parents and other stakeholders. In addition to the traditional portfolios of employees in education, the electronic portfolio represents, appropriate to the time in which we live, the way of collecting and archiving various forms of professional development and as a testimony of individual development and promotion.
E-portfolio is one of the tools that relates to the continuous development of knowledge, skills and capabilities and contributes to improving the quality of work, strengthening motivation and developing a system of evaluation and self-evaluation. At the same time, it helps the professional development of employees in education as an open, dynamic and durable process, which involves transferring new knowledge from different professional areas and scientific disciplines to the world of practice, as well as following European trends in improving the quality of education. E-portfolio is also an e-learning tool that has been recognized as important in the process of improving the quality of teaching and learning and moving towards a "student-centered" education model. The use of e-portfolios in teaching provides the teacher an opportunity for additional and new way of evaluating students, continuous monitoring of his work and additional evaluation of learning outcomes. Teaching activity related to e-portfolio serves to raise students' awareness of their own work and progress.
The paper presents an e-portfolio solution for the directors of preschool institutions, elementary and high schools in the education system of the Republic of Serbia. The heads of educational institutions provide the possibility of materializing work activities, as concrete evidence of commitment to work and progress. The presented solution enables keeping the most important results of work and presenting the best examples from practice, and also informing others about the results of their work. E-portfolio belongs to the category of the most authentic forms of evaluation, which integrates a qualitative and quantitative assessment (from reflection to physical evidence). In practical terms, e-portfolio represents an essential part of the licensing process, from a continuous commitment in the professional development of a director to a licensing exam segment.


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