• Vasko Lazarevski
  • Jasmina Dicevic
  • Selim Mersimovski
Keywords: Education, system, teacher, changes, knowledge


Moving to information systems, global exchange of information, and many more specific needs of modern technology, the need of adapting of education with these changes is bigger, and logically, the adapting of the teacher. With other words, educational system opens the door for the changes meaning education of the staff and opportunity for economical strengthening of the country. Socrates, Plato and Aristotle all spoke of the importance of the intellectual development and the use of one’s mind throughout life.
Pluralistic and democratic values should become an integral part of the school life itself, with all the actors of the school life taking an active role in research of the effects of the educational practice. The paper emphasizes the role of the education in Republic Macedonian’s acceptance of the new global social reality in the democratic world that starts from the principle of law, equity (fairness, accessibility and rights for all, regardless of gender, racial, ethnic and religious affiliation, place of residence and property status, abilities and health status) and tolerance.
The modern teacher is an important factor for the development of human society. The teacher as an individual perhaps is just one piece in the puzzle of the society, but his/her role is great for the human development of that society. The complexity of the activities he/she does, consciously or unconsciously contribute to the building of that society. The teacher should be organized in the teaching and should also be a leader in the teaching process, but he/she would be unable to build a human society if these are not the goals of the teaching process.


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