• Redon Koleci
Keywords: Marketing, philosophy, enterprises, consumers


The notion of marketing summarizes the business philosophy of the enterprise, institution or individual that characterizes the concentration, namely the focus on the customer, expressed through the permanent and harmonious efforts of the whole enterprise in the process of meeting the needs and desires of the consumer as well as the realization of the the objectives of the enterprise.
The marketing concept is the philosophy that enterprise profit goals can best be achieved by recognizing the desires and needs of target groupings of consumers and meeting those needs through the activities and engagements of all structures and levels of the organization of the enterprise.
Entrepreneurs or people who start small business are ambitious people, and despite the various difficulties they face, they find motivation in the many positive aspects of small businesses and always accept everyday challenges with a lot of self-confidence and optimism because they know very well the various examples of successful entrepreneurs who have also had initiatives in small businesses.
Small businesses, despite the advantages they have, need to know the customer better, and here comes help in applying marketing. Marketing and small enterprises are two elements that can not create a successful community if do not cooperate with each other.


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