• Marija Magdicheva-Shopova Faculty of Tourism and Business Logistics, Goce Delcev University -Stip
Keywords: social enterprises, social entrepreneurship, innovation management, innovation, development


Social Entrepreneurship is an organized activity aimed at seizing the various opportunities, forms, enterprises and measures in order to create sustainable social values and benefits and employment of persons belonging to marginalized groups of persons, whereby profit is primarily used for employment of socially excluded or vulnerable social groups, as well as to create solutions for the needs and problems in the social community. Modern working conditions force companies to adopt innovative approaches to work in order to make the best use of opportunities. In today's working conditions, and enterprises that perform a certain type of social activity, they face the challenge of continuous monitoring of changes in the operations and successful application of innovations as a prerequisite for growth and development.
For the development of social enterprises and social entrepreneurship it is necessary to use the opportunities in the environment and to change certain segments in the organizational systems, to introduce and apply new approaches to sustainable solutions that create a higher social value. The social and professional integration of marginalized workers and other vulnerable groups is one of the possible ways to create a higher social value. The social enterprise, as a legal entity that acts in a particular social economy, is usually not oriented only towards the creation of profits, but it is oriented towards the creation of a social impact by implementing innovative methods for providing goods and services on the market. Differences in the direction of social enterprises and other business enterprises cause differences in the application of innovative management.
The aim of this paper is to understand the significance and impact of modern-innovative management for the development of social entrepreneurship and social enterprises in the Republic of Macedonia, as well as emphasizing the need for applying an appropriate methodological approach in creating the necessary management decisions. The subject of research in this paper is focused on perceiving the different business models of social enterprises and the impact of innovative management approach in the development of social enterprises in the Republic of Macedonia.

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