• Violeta Nikolovska University “Goce Delchev” – Shtip, the Faculty of Educational Sciences
Keywords: input, meaning, linguistic competence, teaching grammar


Second language acquisition as a special scientific field is focused on mechanisms by which students build and create new linguistic system. Input is the language that students listen to or read in the context of communication (Aleksova et al., 2011). Input is language in which students are exposed in the process of communication and the language to be adopted. In the contemporary theories of second language acquisition, the input is given a central place in the process of building a new linguistic competence. If we want input to be useful, it is necessary to satisfy two criteria: it needs to be comprehensible and it is necessary to contain the message that students can perceive. In this article, we turned our attention to the role of comprehensible and meaningful input into teaching grammar. We shall point to the differences in teaching second language grammar in the traditional approach and in the communicative approach. We will emphasize the fact that the teaching of grammar should be focused on developing internal mechanisms possessed by the students to learn the structure of a new language system and to develop new linguistic competence.


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