• Ahmet Bihorac International University of Novi Pazar
  • Kemal Džemić International University of Novi Pazar
  • Alisa Džemić International University of Novi Pazar
Keywords: alchemy literature, chatter, oriental languages


The author deals with the phenomenon of alchemy of literature in his work. Taking into account the previous literary researches carried out in the framework of monitoring of certain laws in the time and spatial district, a precisely chosen corpus was used. The paper required a research approach that involved the systematization and value of a given segment in the creation of our literature. This means that it was primarily necessary to take into account the original form of poems and the texts belonging to the alchemy of literature, starting with the manuscript, all the original texts that could be reached, as well as those that were translated. The task was to follow the emergence of the alchemy of literature, the letter on which it was created, as well as the reason for its becoming. Also, it was necessary to establish its diachronic development and monitoring according to the chronological span of several centuries. It tried to find out the places in which it was created and developed alhamiad literature and who were the ones who created and studied it.


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