• Silvija Apostolovska
  • Jovanka Denkova Faculty of Philology, Goce Delchev University – Shtip
Keywords: children, childhood, literature for children, Velko Nedelkovski


In this paper we will pay attention and we will keep it on the image of childhood in the prose of Velko Nedelkovski. Childhood is a box filled with many wishes and desires that are often between the boundaries of fantasy and reality. Modern Macedonian writers realized that there are never too many works dedicated to the younger readership that survives the most dynamic, the most uncertain, the most unclear, but also the most exciting moments of life. For these reasons, they in their creativity have an important place in the feelings of the young children`s soul. In their works intended for young people, they devote a special place to those first, initial flashes of emotions, those stormy youthful mental waves, which are as intense as the summer heat, pass quickly as the summer rains, but these are experiences and emotions that leave deep and indelible traces in the heart of the young people. Childhood is a time phenomenon and precious experience of every person at the earliest stage of his life. Moreover, the phenomenon of space has secondary significance, because imagination has unlimited power. The children's world is not bounded by the space in which the child lives, but depends on the scope of his imagination, the ability to identify and the creativity of his own spirit. At that time of life, the child's feelings crystallize one particular and less distorted image of the world, conditioned by the scope of his perception and the level of intellectual consciousness. The writer who in his work succeeds in realizing artistic transposition of life in a way that meets the criteria of that level, has penetrated into the magical world of childhood and has found the way to the child's heart. In every book, Velko Nedelkovski tries to write in modern, address the current children, in the books to create characters and situations that will be close to them and who will radiate a positive energy in their awareness of the world and wider in their upbringing. Literature is a kind of mirror of life, and so in the books that he writes a large and important segment represent real cuttings from what the writer has experienced. Childhood is the first chapter of a great book called life and it is a very important book for every child to have a bright start. For a happy childhood it takes very little, for the days filled with laughter and companionship. They say that the future belongs to those who remember their past the longest. Pictures, scents, memories that we experienced during childhood never leave us. One part of us forever remains a child.


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