• Panche Kjosev Faculty of Theology in the University „Ovidius„ in Constanta
Keywords: Love of God, Law, Marriage, Divorce


Free will is what makes a man special and what often puts him at crossroads. One of these crossroads is the one that makes a man ask himself "Am I ready for a married life or not?". When a man decides to get married, he becomes "one body" with his spouse and he can live in the Love of God, or if he breaks that Divine harmony, he lives in the Law. To live in the Love of God means not to fulfill the desires of the body but to live in love, joy, peace, patience, forbearance, gentleness, and kindness. Living in the Law means to succumb to the passions, that is to commit adultery, fornication, alcohol abuse and to become zealous. When the sacred marital union is strained, a man comes to a crossroad that has two directions, a divorce, or if assistance and repentance are sought, returning to the Love of God. The Church regulated this issue with the sacred canons of the Holy Church. Canons are a set of regulations governing the church. The canons of the Holy Church recognize only two reasons for divorce that are regulated by several canons for adultery and divorce for religious reasons, and according to them, if today only these canons were the reason for a divorce, it would be much more difficult for a marriage to be divorced. These reasons for divorce, although only two, contain many other reasons that today's regulations of local Orthodox churches consider as grounds for divorce, but according to the canons, they should not even be discussed. In their regulations, today's local Churches have stated many more reasons for a divorce of marriage, such as attaining the life of the spouse, intentional abortion, physical or mental illness, drunkenness, immorality, torture, intolerance of marital life and so on. But what would happen if we try to fight the passions and overcome the Law? What if these sacred canons were created for a man not to break them, but to think and save what he has, and that is his marriage? What if, with a help from a spiritual father, he would return himself to the Love of God and he would realize that the only way to his salvation is through saving that union. Hence, we can conclude that if that happens and he takes his cross again, he will continue the struggle for the crown of martyrdom, for marriage is martyrdom.


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