• Nikola Vidović Military academy, University of defence – Belgrade
  • Hatidža Beriša Military academy, University of defence – Belgrade
Keywords: education, defence sector, financial funds, public finance, budget


The paper examines a range of recent experiences with both traditional and more innovative allocation mechanisms of budgeting funds for increasing the effectiveness of countries' public financial policy for education in defence and security sector. Nowadays, worldwide is growing number of countries which seek innovative solutions to the substantial challenges they face in financing the military education. One of the principal challenges is that the demand for education in sector of defence is growing far faster than the ability or willingness of governments to provide public resources that are adequate to meet this demand. The primary purpose of this paper is to review the scope and potential impact of these various innovative resource allocation mechanisms, and above all budgeting funds, with a special focus on the newly established budgeting fund for military education and scientific research in Ministry of defence. This study and research can help policymakers, institutional leaders and stakeholders in country's institutions identify and explore the most effective ways to improve the equity and efficiency of public resource transfers to educational institutions, cadets and civil students. The paper also observes how this budgeting fund meet important policy objectives such as expanded access and improved equity, better external efficiency such as enhanced quality and relevance, and increased internal efficiency through cost containment and better throughput. International experience, in recent decades, with financial assets mobilization in military education is the importance of not relying on a single source of funding. It seems through analysis that Serbia should rely on a mix of allocation mechanisms to achieve the objectives it seek for it's military education systems.The growing diversity of funding sources has been an important and effective response by many governments and institutions to the mismatch between demand and resources, and Republic of Serbia accepted that financal and budget policy, but most effective and safest way of financing the security and defence educational system is through bugeting fund, with financial resources specifically targeted for this purpose. The paper examines the time interval from the creation of the budget fund and the amount of funds in order to separate the presentation of certain budget revenues, expenditures and expenditures intended for the development of military education and military scientific research activities, as well as development and maintenance of the capacities of units and institutions of the Ministry of Defense and the Army of Serbia dealing with activities related to education and scientific research. Based on the analysis of the state of financing expenditures of the Serbian defense system, the paper presents innovative approaches to the financing of special expenditures that the Republic of Serbia allocates for the needs of the military education system in its entirety and scientific research work within it - and the focus of research is the scope of the newly established and specially activated budget fund for these purposes.


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