• Zehra Hamidović University of Novi Pazar
Keywords: professional orientation, research work, respondent, questionnaire, school, occupation, counseling


The research work that is before you is designed to inform students (respondents) of the final grade of the primary school about their particular characteristics, as well as about the potential high school that they could join. The collection of data on the respondent is carried out through a non-structured interview, as well as by applying three types of questionnaires to obtain general information about the respondent and data on his / her interests and preferences, with the aim of professional orientation of the pupil, or with the aim of providing assistance to the respondent in the selection of the appropriate high school. Through a systematized professional orientation procedure, we offer expert assistance to the respondent, which consists in providing information, recommendations and advice, which will help him to make the right decision on the choice of future school more easily and quickly. First of all we will point out the importance of professional orientation and define it, then we will specify the tasks and goals of the pre-professional orientation.The methodological part of the paper will describe in detail the sample (data on the respondent), as well as the methods of research, which in this case are psychological measuring instruments (questionnaires) and the procedure itself. Then we will present and explain the results obtained. After analyzing the results, at the end of the work we will give an adequate opinion on the professional orientation of the respondents, and in accordance with the obtained results of the research. In the presentations, you can look at examples of used psychological measuring instruments (questionnaires).


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