• Suada A. Džogović University „Haxhi Zeka“, Pec, Kosovo
Keywords: master thesis, doctoral dissertation, methodological approach, social benefit, substantial differences


The subject of this paper is to define scientific differences between master thesis and doctoral dissertations as it also presents writing guidelines to master these papers. The exploratory and comparative methods simultaneously used in this study, enhance contemporary conclusions and enrich the content of the work. The methods of generalization and specialization are used to perform generalized conclusions upon individual observations, as well as the logic based Delphi method, which recognizes affirmed opinions of respected experts on these topics. The theoretical discourse of this study differentiate master thesis and doctoral dissertations but also stresses out the continuity of scientific research in an adequate extent predicted by international conventions (Bologna Convention, etc.), university regulations and guidelines of different faculties, research institutions or other professional associations Hence, the social usefulness of a well written thesis or dissertation is also a subject of this discourse.


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