• Rozalia Aleksandrova Department of Languages and Specialized Training, Bulgarian Language Section, MU-PLOVDIV
Keywords: man, God, paradigm, heart, science


For those who see in the title a sense of nostalgia for the past, I would like to say quickly that past, present and future are intertwined in this thesis, which is inspired from the development of the New Paradigm of Science and Life. At the center of our journey even more important is the subject of MAN, inseparable and always connected to the subject of GOD. Let’s remind ourselves that the development of the current human civilization is predominantly influenced by the subject of GOD. Painted and overexposed through the centuries as an idol, adviser, a distant judge, instigator of wars, a pristine spring that forgives people every sin they have done, and lately – a bit comically, as a small particle we are desperately trying to find. Men, even though as separate beings, were viewed as insignificant, slaves, needing a constant guidance for connection with the incomprehensible God, with no connection with what is going on inside or outside them, victims of circumstances, irresponsible for their actions – even for homicide, having “some” link to God, in form of a simple particle and so on. People like to fool themselves and like to replace sacred truths with unbelievable ideas on the subject of God. But is this all that is happening?
This essay has the goal to remind some basic understandings about the subject of Man and God in a way, which is at the same time familiar and unknown to the masters of “modern” science. Let’s remember the basic laws that are working in the field of God or the original informational field. Laws, known to people, called priests, enlightened, clairvoyants or people with extrasensory abilities. And actually through the whole development of the current civilization those have been the people, connected to God and his truths – universal, divine and therefore human.
Let’s begin with the names that torsion physics uses to define “God”: The big Something, the big Nothing, the field of the Absolute or the filed which for now no man can comprehend with the use of physics formulas.


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