• Rumyana Bahchevandzhieva SW University “Neofit Rilski”, Blagoevgrad
Keywords: obesity, climate therapy, Bulgaria


Climate rehabilitation program by patients with obesity – one of the most important problem of contemporary society, is discussed. The new trends in climate therapy of this social important diseases are represented. An attempt is made at combining the three basic factors – meteorologic environment, physical activity and nutrition – on energetic basis. It is explained, that the seaside and middle mountain climatetherapy/1200-1800m over sea high/are very suitable for obesity patients. Suitable resorts with specialized rehabilitation hospitals for patients with obesity. The climate therapy include diet, physical activity, and climate influence. Applied are reduction diet with daily amount of caloricity 1400 – 1600 kcal. The physical activity is about 6 hours daily.It is implemented very often in form of walking, walking tourism, different kinds of sport – suimming, rowing, skiing, volleyball, basketball, gymnastic and etc. With success can be implemented an ergotherapie in form of gardening, fruitgrowing carryng out by appropriated meteorological conditions. It is coming to a conclusion, that the physical activity is a not replaced physiological therapeutic-prophylactic means. The optimal result on obesity are carry out by cool meteorological conditions. There are recommend sub comfort ( cool) meteorological conditions for implementing of ultraviolet radiation therapy in doses suberitema Air therapy is recommend like sleep on open air and air bath in comfort (suit warm) and sub comfort thermometeorologyc environment.The climate therapy by patients with obesity must be dosed and complex, to include meteorological conditions, physical activity and nutrition – on energetic basis. As longer is the continuation of the climate therapy, as better are the results. The patients get used to the new stile of living, eating and physical activity.The article is designed for physicians – physiotherapeutists, therapeutists, bioclimatologists, physiologists, biologists and other borderline specialists, engaged in the field of health-resort treatment and climatology.


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