• Yordanka Tsokova Medical University – Plovdiv, Dept. “Nursing care”, Faculty of Public Health
  • Daniela Taneva Medical University – Plovdiv. Dept. “Nursing care”, Faculty of Public Health
  • Angelina Kirkova-Bogdanova Medical University – Plovdiv, Dept. “Medical Informatics, Biostatistics, E-learning”, Faculty of Public Health
  • Radoslava Katsarska Medical University – Plovdiv, Dept. “Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine”, Medical Faculty
Keywords: nursing care, hypertensive disease, plan for nursing care


Hypertensive disease is one of the most widespread socially significant diseases in economically and culturally developed countries. It affects people of both genders in active age and is a major cause of high mortality and disability.
Aim: This paper deals with the main aspects of nursing care for patients with hypertensive disease. Nurses are a part of the therapeutic team. A conceptual framework, that will ensure control over the disease process and an adequate nursing intervention, is needed for provision of quality nursing care.
Methods: One of the main sociological methods, the documental one, is used for the purpose of this study.
Results: The main issues that were reviewed were connected with the risk factors for disease emergence, clinical manifestations, monitoring, treatment and prevention of complications. A significant part of the nurse's professional behavior is raising the health culture of patients and their families as well as observing ethical rules for nursing. As a result of the review, a detailed plan for nursing care is developed that will provide a possibility for a faster recovery and resocialization of the patient.


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