• Daniela Taneva Dept. “Nursing care”, Faculty of Public Health, Medical University – Plovdiv
  • Yordanka Tsokova Dept. “Nursing care”, Faculty of Public Health, Medical University – Plovdiv
  • Radoslava Katsarska Dept. “Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine”, Medical Faculty, Medical University – Plovdiv
  • Vanina Mihaylova Dept. “Healthcare management”, Faculty of Public Health, Medical University – Plovdiv
Keywords: culture, health, nursing, communication


Life in the dynamic 21 century is saturated with new technologies giving us an abundance of possibilities for communication, meeting new people from different cultures and nationalities. In this aspect, a necessity of transcultural nursing care arises. Acquiring skills and competences from the nurses for communication on different levels is an important issue in the modern health care. Free movement of people and the opportunity for the nurses to realize in different European countries requires from her to know the cultural peculiarities of her patients. It is necessary the patient to be perceived as a person with a health problem and emotional load, with a changed mentality and behavior, with specific habits, customs, ethnicity and religious beliefs. The state of stress, fear, anxiety, increased sensitivity, painful sense of underestimation of his problems, denial, suggestion etc. requires a personal psychological approach towards the ill person.
The aim of the present study is the necessity of provision of quality transcultural nursing care and its beneficial effect on the treatment of patients.
Methods: A major sociologic method is used – a direct, anonymous, group survey, developed especially for the aims of the study, statistical methods.
Results: The results of the literature review and the study allow the following conclusions to me made:
1. The competent nursing care is connected not only with the professional performance of medical activities but with knowing the patients’ cultural differences as well.
2. Knowing how to overcome barriers that hinder effective communication with patients and their relatives.
3. Knowing the peculiarities of different cultures contributes to quality nursing care.


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