• Novica Ničić
  • Marijana Šmelcerović, Faculty of Law Nis
  • Djukica Mirković Foreign Languages Cntre Big Ben-Brcko
  • Miodrag Šmelcerović High technology-arts vocational school, Leskovac
Keywords: medical waste, legal regulation, human health


The management of medical waste is of great importance due to its potential environmental hazards and public health risks. Earlier, medical waste was often mixed with municipal solid waste and disposed of in residential waste landfills or improper treatment facilities. Due this issues Republic of Serbia has drafted legislation to improve their medical waste disposal- Law on Waste Management (2009, 2010) and Ordinance on Medical Waste Disposal (2010) . Nowadays, major effort have been made by Agency for Environmental Protection and waste generators to better manage the waste from healthcare facilities. Increasing amount of solid waste and as a parallel to this, increase in medical waste, have become a serious environmental problem due to growing population and industrialization. As a result of this, collecting medical waste separately from harm less household waste seems to be an effective solution worth considering. This paper presents an overview of the current management practices of medical waste and an overview of basic legal aspects of the medical waste management.


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