• Pavle Trpeski Ministry of Interior
  • Vesna Korunovska Customs administration
Keywords: internet management, digitalization, e-business, e-commerce


The digitalization of the way we manage and work in all spheres of social life has created the conditions for access to one of the most valuable resources of the time we live in at any time and in any place, and that resource is information. A key element in managing any kind of trade is information, if in the past it took days to send or receive certain information, today it only takes seconds for it to be sent, received and processed. The rapid flow of information allows for a significant increase in the efficiency of company management and the creation of conditions that allow easier access to the global market.
Electronic commerce has emerged in the last two decades and at the same time it has made fundamental changes in the way we understand and run a business. The need to overcome all the shortcomings and obstacles that have arisen in international trade has resulted in the emergence of electronic or so-called digital commerce and the global market is a huge whole consisting of millions of companies that trade with each other and thus contribute to the growth of total economy around the world. The importance of e-commerce for small states and those in development such as ours is enormous. Due to the small size of the market in our country, the performance of domestic companies on the global market is a basic prerequisite for the development of macro and micro economy in the Republic of North Macedonia.
This paper is conceived in two parts and in the first part the theoretical determinants of the research are explained, ie the impact that the internet has on the creation and operation of the companies is explained.
The second part is dedicated to the management of the e-market in the Republic of North Macedonia and in this part a theoretical review of all conditions, procedures and legal regulations that are needed to be respected for a company to be able to work on the electronic market in the Republic of North Macedonia is given, as well as a review of the current state of the e-market in our country and the characteristics that characterize it.
At the same time, a conclusion was made about the current situation in which the Macedonian electronic market is located and, in parallel, proposals-solutions for improving it are presented.
At the very end we have a brief overview of the previously sublimated by drawing final conclusions.
The main goal of this paper will be the research and definition of the current situation on the electronic market in the Republic of North Macedonia.


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