• Albena Baeva Bishop Constantine Preslavski School, Shumen
Keywords: nomination, metonymy


Metonymy, as well as metaphor, are the subject of numerous studies, both from a more general theoretical aspect and through specific studies of metaphors and metonymies in individual languages. The interest in these means of nomination is rooted in the imagery and expressiveness they create, and the various functions they perform. Since the time of Aristotle, interest in the tropics has not ceased to interest people. Ancient rhetoric pays attention to the effects that are achieved through them, in contrast to more modern research, which pays attention to their role in creative thinking.
Our interest in metonymy is in connection with the study of the peculiarities of Naiden Gerov's Dictionary and the place that this means of naming occupies in its general corpus. The nature of the article is descriptive - to describe the metonymies found in the dictionary, which would be the basis for comparison with later language stages.


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