• Marjan Tanushevski BAS Institute of Management – Bitola
Keywords: civil society organizations, management of human resources, managerial lobbying, public policies, lobbying in the Republic of North Macedonia


The paper "Lobbying of civil society organizations aimed at creating public policies" presents integration of theoretical, normative and comparative analysis for the civil society organizations and the application of managerial lobbying in practice. A special quality in the paper presents the empirical part of the survey in which are covered interviews with authorities from the European Parliament, the Parliament and the Government of the Republic of North Macedonia, managers of Lobbyists‘ Associations from the countries in the region, representatives of civil society organizations and institutions that are directly related to the civil sector in the country and abroad.
The civil sector in Europe founds the base of its activity and creation of public policies in the management and managerial skills thus implementing the mission of civil society organizations more efficiently. It was just one of the challenges for the author of this paper to offer an appropriate model for lobbying of the civil society organizations in the RN Macedonia, but also to warn of the anomalies that have to be eliminated through the clear, methodically offered suggestions for strengthening the capacity of the management in civil society organizations.
The paper contextually and conceptually follows the modern trends on academic basis which enables to enrich the scientific thought, to expand the knowledge with real examples, but also to contribute to the legality and legitimacy of the phenomenon lobbying as a relatively new scientific discipline that will generate genuine results in our region.


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