• Buen Bajrami University "Kadri Zeka", Kosovo
  • Basri Ahmedi University "Kadri Zeka", Kosovo
Keywords: E-government, municipality, transparency, e-services


E-Government aims to provide electronic information and improve public services for citizens and businesses. Reforming the performance of public services by applying online services continues to be an important element of e-government. These electronic advancements of services called e-government aim to make it easier for citizens to receive services and improve the relationship with governance, the effectiveness of governance and to publish accountability for citizens and businesses. The main purpose of this research is to present the current state of online electronic services and the state of human resources for IT in the administration of these municipalities with a special emphasis on the Anamorava region. Five municipalities, divided into two states, were part of this research. Gjilan, Vitia, Kamenica from Kosovo and Bujanovac, Presevo from Serbia. The methodology used to conduct this research is through field surveys in the municipal administration. Also, an online research was conducted to gain the real state of development and use of social networks, public services and special services which have been created by the municipalities of the Anamorava region until 2019. This research is based on four hypotheses which are: 1) Administration workers use software with legal status for work and it is not possible to work from home, 2) information systems increase efficiency at work, 3) The use of information and communication technology for staff is stressful, requires training 4) Gjilan is a leader in providing electronic services, which are unique and unused in other municipalities of the Anamorava region. The results of the data collected from the surveys were processed with the help of the SPSS statistical calculation program. These results confirm three hypotheses and deny one. Hypothesis 1 which states that the software has legal status and that the use of illegal software in e-government is small. Also, the degree of use of e-government does not satisfy employees in terms of using teleworking. Hypothesis 1 therefore turns out to be correct. Hypothesis 2 which states that information systems increase efficiency at work turns out to be correct. Hypothesis 3, which states that the use of information and communication technology for staff poses stress, requires ongoing training of employees. Results for this hypothesis prove the opposite, ie that there is no stress during e-government and does not require employee training. Hypothesis 4 which states that Gjilan is a leader in providing electronic services, which are unique and unused in other municipalities in the region of Anamorava is confirmed by the processed data. Based on the obtained results of the hypotheses and other important results processed by SPSS we have reached several conclusions: Kosovo and Serbia, both of which have centralized all services provided in the municipality and in 2019 there was no active server in no municipality, at the local level Gjilan is better in providing special services which are unique and used only for the interest of the citizens of Gjilan, then comes Kamenica with only one digital platform, while the municipalities of Viti, Bujanovac and Presevo do not have provided no local service to their citizens.


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