• Hasan Asani Faculty of Islamic Studies, Skopje
  • Jonuz Abdullai South East European University, Skopje
Keywords: security, refugee crisis, stability, the Balkans, North Macedonia


This research paper will address the current situation in the country, analyzing the socio-political situation of recent years, the challenges that the state institutions are facing during the Euro-Atlantic integration process and in particular the problems after the visa liberalization process for citizens of North Macedonia.
As a result, we will present a causal scheme of society development in North Macedonia, as a state in which political crisis is present for a long time, a phenomenon that significantly undermines the functioning of the state institutions and affects the stability, peace and security in the country and the region.
Moreover, in this research we will describe the current crisis in Middle East states, which was one of the main generators for the regional security instability of the Balkans and Europe. On the other hand, the relations of North Macedonia with its neighbors, in particular with Greece and Serbia, during the crisis with refugees, and the reasons for the failure of state institutions for quality management of this ongoing crisis will be analyzed. An important place in this paper will also take the role and contribution of NGOs in overcoming the grave humanitarian situation faced by state institutions and refugees from regions involved in war.
To achieve the desired results in this paper we will use different scientific methods, such as analysis and processing of different texts, as well as analytical, statistical and comparative methods. We will also use secondary techniques such as questionnaires, conducted with citizens from the Polog region, which will be processed and will be part of this scientific research.


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