• Nexhmedin Sejdiu College Biznesi, Faculty of Law, Prishtina, Kosovo
Keywords: Weapons, Law, Crime, Confiscation, Legalization


Every weapon that is produced, every warship launched in use, every missile fired, in the final sense means theft from those who are hungry and not fed, those who are cold and not dressed. - Dwight D. Eisenhower. I have never supported war, except as a means to peace. - Ulysses S. Grant. I am starting this paper with these very valuable sayings as weapons are not good to use but in some cases they are very valuable and are quite important for the security of the country. The beginning of the use of firearms is very early, it is closely related to the discovery of gunpowder, which was accidentally discovered in ancient China and then to its introduction into use in the manufacture of weapons. Over time guns have evolved from mechanically produced by hand to production now with the most sophisticated technology. As far as weapons are concerned, they are divided into different categories, which I will address below, as well as which weapons are considered the most dangerous in the world, how our legislation regulates who can be the possessor of weapons, and why in Kosovo has many illegal possession of weapons will be some of the main focus points of this paper.


Latifi.Vesel,Kriminalistika 2014, fq 551-553.

Kodi Penal i Republikës së Kosovës i vitit 2019

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