• Nexhmedin Sejdiu College Biznesi, Faculty of Law, Pristhina - Kosovo
Keywords: Drugs, Law, Drug Addiction, Rehabilitation, Integration


The beginning of the first signs of drug use as a harmful phenomenon in society appeared in the countries of Western Europe and North America, around the XIX century. Sharp social problems cause drug abuse to increase at a high rate from year to year, slowly becoming a very disturbing phenomenon for man and society itself. Began to be discovered and produced from classic drugs under their products with very strong action effect and consequently quite harmful to human health such as: morphine, heroin, cocaine, etc. In this situation which was degrading day by day, different states began to take legal measures, providing by law as criminal offenses all actions related to the cultivation, production, transportation, sale and use of various drugs but yet this could not have prevented such a thing, although they were provided under different codes as criminal offenses. In 1960-1970, the International Organizations signed International Agreements in the field of control and fight against drugs, as the problems in this sector became very worrying. The United Nations since 26.06.1988 designated this date as the International Day for the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women. Taking these measures, has influenced to combat and prevent the negative phenomenon with drugs in all legal, economic, medical, social and social plans, so as not to endanger the life and future of today's youth. This topic is very broad and needs to be addressed all over the world because the number of its users is increasing every day even more and especially by minors so it should be treated as a topic in schools and television in order to become information about the dangers posed by drugs in order to achieve prevention so that young people understand the negative effects caused by drugs and do not fall prey to the desire or curiosity to try it as well as persons who are active users of it. not to be stigmatized by society but to be helped by society, district and rehabilitation bodies so that drug users recover from drug addiction and integrate. This paper aims to contribute to the field of jurisprudence by contributing to the information provided with it to serve the younger generations.


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