• Suzana Ejupi
  • Lindita Skenderi
Keywords: English nouns, Albanian nouns, types of noun, number


It is wildly known that parts of speech present an essential aspect of language learning. In other words, before you learn a foreign language, it is required to understand and master parts of speech in your mother tongue. Moreover, in terms of building communicative proficiency and developing writing styles in English language, a student needs to use correctly parts of speech at morphological, syntactic and lexical level. Considering the fact that nouns are more present than other parts of speech in most of the verbal communication, textbooks, fiction and storytelling books, it is necessary to investigate their types and grammatical categories, in order to help foreign students not to be influenced by their mother tongue and at the same time, not to apply negative transfer while learning a foreign language. In this regard, working as an English teacher for many years, I have encountered many learning situations where Albanian students are using English nouns in a wrong way because they are being influenced by their mother tongue. As a result, the following study will investigate or compare English nouns to Albanian nouns with the intention to emphasize some similarities and differences in terms of types of noun and number as a grammatical category. The differences found in this actual study will help Albanian students to master nouns correctly in both languages.


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