• Nurten Kala Dauti
  • Amarilda Dule
Keywords: freedom, right, children, protection


Human rights and freedoms belong to every human being from the moment of birth as a human being. Human rights are standards without which one can not live and are universal principles. They also form the basis of freedom of justice and peace everywhere in the world. Human rights and freedoms for all human beings are the same and indivisible, regardless of ethnicity, race, religion, political beliefs, and other social backgrounds. Human dignity is the basis of human rights, including children, both from the aspect of natural law and from the aspect of legal positivism, which the state has dealt with in the defense and their realization. Given the fact that children are our future, we must support them and take care of their abuse of any kind of abuse, both by different individuals and by the state. This paper can serve as a useful point for understanding and protecting children's rights. The paper constitutes a selected theoretical summary and addresses various problems that have the primary purpose of stimulating child protection with a common approach to the awareness of the society of children's rights as inseparable human rights. Professor Upendra BAXI in his publication "Human inequalities and human rights", among other things, states that no period of time, apart from the period of democratic regeneration, has been no longer privileged to carry the mission and burden of the human future. The notion of human rights is the best gift of classical and contemporary human thought. Therefore, everyone especially children should know and understand that human rights are important to their interests and goals. This can be achieved through education and human rights education.


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