• Orjeta Baja
Keywords: loanwords, influence, language, dictionary


All languages “borrow” words from other languages - be they from neighboring countries or far away lands - as well as “lend words”. Just like other languages, Albanian has also borrowed words from the languages of the peoples it has encountered throughout its history. As a result of the continued contact with varied populations, the Albanian language has encountered foreign words from varied sources such as: Greek, Slavic, Turkic, Latin and Romance (Italian, French), as well as English. The objective of this work is French loanwords in the Albanian language. The earliest loanwords from the French language date back to the late nineteenth century and early twentieth century and can be traced until today showing that French influence in the albanian language is very real. There are many cultural and intellectual connections between France and Albania for a long time making the linguistic impact more than obvious. There are words that are used in administration, justice, in the academic setting, in the social and political settings, the technical setting, in medicine, in the arts, in fashion, in sports etc. Some examples of French loanwords in the Albanian lexicon are: adresë, dosje, kod, ambasadë, seancë, debat, kurs, stazh, kamion, garazh, trotuar, veturë, omletë, bluzë, triko, dantelë, pardesy, artist, reklamë, gravitet, fasadë, eveniment, elozhe, ekzemplar, ekzigjencë, ekzistencë, ekzekutoj, ekzagjeroj, ekzakt, eksplodon, ekspozitë, ekspresion, ekstrem, efektiv, deziluzion, prononcoj, refuzoj, survejoj etc. After an exhaustive selection of the French loanwords from the academician Kolec Topalli’s, Fjalor etimologjik i gjuhës shqipe (Tiranë, 2017), the main purpose of this work is the classification of these words according to various criteria: - According to the way of borrowing (direct / interwoven); - According to the contents of the loanwords (whole and structural); - According to their general value (foreign / international); - According to the way they are structured (with prefix / with composition). Lastly, we will try to achieve a conclusion on what the importance French loanwords in the Albanian language is.


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