• Mirko Marinkovski
  • Stefan Kuvendziev
  • Katerina Atkovska
  • Flakrim Aliu
  • Erhan Mustafa
  • Shaban Jakupi
  • Peyman Ghaffari
  • Kiril Lisichkov
Keywords: Mn(II) ions, biosorbent, MATLAB, kinetic


In this article the possibility of removal of Mn (II)-ions from aqueous solutions with the use of grape branches as an adsorbent was investigated. For the realization of the set goal during the experimental investigations, the influence of the following operating parameters was examined: the initial concentration of Mn (II) ions in the solution (100-500 μg/dm3), the adsorption time (1-180 min) and the quantity of adsorbent (0.2-1 g), on the effect of the removal of Mn (II) ions and the adsorption capacity of the grape branches as an bisorbent. Experimental researches were carried out in batch laboratory conditions at room temperature (25 oC) and continuous mixing by magnetic stirrer at 600 rpm.
Based on the obtained results, the equilibrium of the examined system Mn (II) - grape branches was analyzed, using the Langmuir, Freundlich and Redlich-Peterson isotherms. By applying the MATLAB/Curve fitting Toolbox software, the equilibrium parameters for all applied adsorption systems are determined. The modeling of the kinetics of the process of removal of Mn (II) ions shown that the kinetic of the investigated system was defined by model of the pseudo-II order reaction.

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Marinkovski, M., Kuvendziev, S., Atkovska, K., Aliu, F., Mustafa, E., Jakupi, S., Ghaffari, P., & Lisichkov, K. (2019). BIOSORPTION OF Mn(II) IONS FROM WATER SOLUTIONS BY NATURAL SORBENT. KINETIC MODELING. Knowledge International Journal, 30(3), 525 - 530.