• Biljana Nedeva
  • Dejan Krstev
Keywords: Warehouse, advanced technologies, simulation Program


The selection of orders means to find a number of products in the warehouse matching a number of independent orders of several customers. It is an important part of the supply and distribution chain, accounting for 65% of the total operating costs of a typical warehouse. The emphasis of this work is on the synchronization of all activities within the manufacturing system, which is a permanent challenge for both a successful manufacture and business in general. For the realization of this research task it is necessary to start with the structure of the manufacturing system and to theemphasis the hierarchy of objectives and also the strategies which should be employed for their realizations. Thevalidity of the concept suggested is estimated out by computer simulation, using the initial data from theindustry. The SAP orPerftech.Largo ERP is a simple and technically updated software for creating effective comprehensive business information systems that can at any time provide users with the desired status information in the company. The most commonly used modules are: finance, human resources management, sales and procurement, external operations, production, material operations.The simulation program starts with a temporary presumption that the materials needed for reproduction are available in the input data of the warehouse. All work orders are processed and sent to the data entry of the warehouse.The program starts the data at the time of occurrence of any work order within the system at the time required for its realization and automatically takes into account the priorities of each working order. The user has an intermediateor material warehouse that enables normal operation of the production process and optimal supply time.

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January 2016

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