• Miranda Sabriu Bexheti
Keywords: Human rights, ethnic discrimination, Constitution of Republic of Macedonia, European Convention of Human rights


Each state determines the fundamental values of the constitutional order, values that are very significant and speak sufficiently about the mode of functioning of that state. Among other things, the fundamental values defined in the Constitution of the Republic of Macedonia are the fundamental freedoms and rights of man and citizen. As we see these basic values for Macedonia lie in two corners, both nationally and internationally. The guarantees provided by the state and international law should be looked at from the aspect of providing legal protection if the presumption that these values are inviolable collapses. Article 9 of the Macedonian Constitution guarantees equal treatment of all citizens, and the same speaks about equal treatment both before the constitution and before the laws, regardless of race, national origin, political or religious beliefs. The question is how is the current situation regarding the position of citizens in the Republic of Macedonia! What care does the Republic of Macedonia show in this regard given the significant integration processes for our country! In the final instance, we will address the dilemma regarding the state's responsibility in respecting human rights.


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