• Kamelia Bogdanova


healthcare, methodological model, management, quality


The healthcare management is performed by managers and they must have knowledge and skills to carry out management and administrative functions in the current social and economic conditions. The managers must have qualities, such as behavior and attitudes, that are specific to the healthcare sector. The work organizational level in the ward, which determines the efficiency and quality of care, depends mainly on manager competence. Solving the problems associated with determining the responsibilities, activities, rights and obligations of main and senior nurses is an important prerequisite for improving the quality of healthcare. A negative element in the existing practice in hospitals is the lack of opportunities to realize the professional qualifications of healthcare managers. The main reason for this is the imperfection of the regulatory documents. These documents must accurately determine hospital ward activities so that nurses and leaders can apply and develop their professional skills in conformity with their competence. The goal of the study is to investigate the possibilities of applying a methodological model for healthcare management and its importance for improving their quality and effectiveness. Object of the study is healthcare management in six hospitals for active treatment. The research is based on direct individual survey and covers 120 main and senior nurses. Signs related to quality of healthcare management in hospitals, work organization, control of health activities, the role and place of the main and senior nurses in the treatment process have been investigated. The analysis of the survey data focuses on the characteristics of nursing care and the applicability of a healthcare management model with a relevant information product to the hospital information system. Efficient use of resources determines the quality of healthcare, which is a major factor in the sustainable development of the healthcare facility in contemporary social and economic conditions. This determines the need to create and develop science-based models for health care management to ensure a clear regulation of the rights and responsibilities of health care managers and provide better organization of the hospital structure. The data obtained show that the most of the main and senior nurses take a positive view of the creation and introduction of methodical model of healthcare management. An important condition for its successful implementation in practice is the provision of quality software. This requires continuously improving the qualifications of healthcare managers to work with the unified information system of medical institutions.




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