• Stojan Dukoski
  • Ljubisa Zlatevski
  • Katerina Dukoska



stocks, investments, funds, assets, liquidity


Financial innovations bring for the investors the new choices of investment but at the same time make the investment process and investment decisions more complicated, because even if the investors have a wide range of alternatives to invest they can‘t forgot the key rule in investments: invest only in what you really understand. Thus the investor must understand how investment funds differ from
each other and only then to choose those which best match his/her expectations. The most important characteristics of investment funds on which bases the overall variety of investment vehicles can be assorted are the return on investment and the risk which is defined as the uncertainty about the actual return that will be earned on an investment. Each type of investment funds could be characterized by certain level of profitability and risk because of the specifics of these financial investments.
Stocks are one of the favourite investments for the investment funds because of their effectieveness,but also because of they are higly liquid on average, bring income through dividends,offer diversification through sectors and every fund manager can find reasonably priced stocks with the required effort.
Investment funds choose stocks because they are a very attractive investment that offers a lot of oportunities for the funds.The basic opportunity is that they are very flexible investment that offers ownership in the companies that the funds invests in.
This gives the fund the oportunity to take participation in the annual shareholders meeting,but also to take board seats.It means that the fund can send representatives that can in turn affect the way the company manages its assets.A lot of companies are open to receive capital from the investment funds because as an investment vehicle they have a lot of liquidity to offer.
Every investment fund is centered on the needs of the investors and tries to combine their individual opinions into one grand strategy.Usualy investment funds allow bigger investors to choose their investments and provide for them special portfolio options.This means that investors gain opportunity to have their own investment portfolio,which they can track for themselves and compare to the market index.
Stocks are a big part of the investment portfolio of every investment fund.They sometimes respresent more than a half of the overall investments of the investment funds.The reason for this lays in their relative simplicity and the lots of ways the investor can profit from this securities.




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