• Nadia Manolova Medical University - Sofia, Faculty of Public Health


trauma, health care, organization


In the last few decades, there has been a marked trend towards an increase in the incidence of transport, domestic and industrial injuries, as well as an increase in the number of cases of combined injuries. Whether intentional or accidental, trauma is the leading cause of death and disability. Trauma is an act of damage to the anatomical or functional integrity of the body under the influence of damaging agents.
The aim of the present work is aimed at the organization and management of health care in case of injuries.
The survey was conducted according to data from the National Statistical Institute of the Republic of Bulgaria for the period 2017-2019. Sociological and documentary research methods were used.
The obtained results show the distribution of persons by age in the three studied years, where an increase was found in the population over 18 years of age due to domestic and traffic injuries, and in burns injuries the group of children represents 45% of the victims.
Injuries and poisonings are one of the leading causes of death both in the world and in our country (third place) due to their high frequency among the young and middle age group. They cause a wide range of health damage, including the consequences of road accidents, burns and violence at home and abroad. These disabilities lead to the loss of potential years of life and become a major focus of society and public health. The organization and management of health care in case of trauma is based on a streamlined system and high professional competence of the medical team - doctor and nurse.
Injuries affect the life of the victim, his family and the whole society, which outlines their medical, social and economic significance. The comprehensive focus requires the involvement of interdisciplinary medical teams, as well as surgical and intensive treatment of various types of thermal trauma.
Prevention and care activities must follow a public health approach and thus address gaps and inequalities worldwide.




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