• Todor Cvetanov Trakia University, Faculty of Medicine - Stara Zagora
  • Ruska Paskaleva Faculty of Medicine at Trakia University - Stara Zagora


healthy eating, physical activity, sports, overweight and obesity, students


Obesity is the most common and typical foodborne illness and at the same time an important risk factor for other serious illnesses with a poor prognosis. According to the WHO, in most European countries between 30 and 80% of people are overweight. On average, 20% of children are overweight, 1/4 of whom are obese, which means that 3 million children are obese and 14 million are overweight. In Bulgaria, 2 million of the adult population is overweight, and 1 million of them are obese. Among children, 200,000 are overweight and 67,000 of them are obese. In Bulgaria, the European initiative unites nutritionists and medical professionals, patient communities and a number of organizations in efforts to reduce overweight and obesity, in support of people with this problem.
The aim of the present study is to reveal the most common causes of weight gain above normal limits in medical students, to clarify their motivation for physical activity and to include sports and proper nutrition to correct the problem.
Material and methods. The study included 120 students from the Medical Faculty at the Thracian University - Stara Zagora. An individual anonymous survey was conducted with a total of 21 closed questions, which were aimed at revealing some of the possible causes leading to overweight in this contingent. Methods used: research and analysis of information sources, sociological survey method, alternative analysis.
Results and discussion. In this article we will analyze the answers to the questions related to the motivation of the studied students for physical activity and sports and their desire for weight correction given the habits and opportunities in sports.
It turns out that among the most common reasons for sports is the desire to correct weight and maintain health - 45% of students surveyed, and 43% determine the stimulating psychological factor of exercise.
Conclusions. Against the background of regular sports activities and the survey we can conclude that the students are motivated for regular physical activity and sports in combination with proper nutrition, and their main desire is to be healthy, harmonious and able to work.




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