• Kamelia Bogdanova


student, quality, management, healthcare


The management of healthcare determines their quality and effectiveness. This depends on the training and professional skills of managers and nurses, and shows the importance of training quality in educational establishments. They create healthcare managers and professionals and provide a basis for development and improvement of their qualification. The professional qualifications of healthcare professionals depend not only on their initial training at the educational establishments. To a great extent, it is determined by their training in healthcare facilities, continuing education and continuing training, as well as by their career development. Sustainable development of human resources with emphasis on specialization of medical staff and continuous training is among the main priorities of the National Health Strategy. Present paper discusses issues related to the student impression on quality of healthcare management. The aim of the study is to investigate student satisfaction by the management of health care in medical institutions, and to study their views on ways of improving the quality of health care. The research covers 200 students in subject “Healthcare Management” in medical University - Sofia. The role of students as future professionals and leaders determines the interest in their views on the management and organization of health care. Student observations on the organization of work in the wards in which they are trained and their views on how to improve it are indicative of the relevance and timeliness of ways to increase the effectiveness of health care management as a means to improve their quality. Healthcare management is based on the mobilization of human resources and the resources of the environment. Their effective use determines to a great extent the quality of care, which is a major factor for the sustainable development of the healthcare establishments. The healthcare management is performed by managers and they must have knowledge and skills to carry out management and administrative functions in the current social and economic conditions. The managers must have ability to mobilize human resources in line with patients' needs and in with improving the quality and efficiency of healthcare. The work organizational level in the ward, which determines the efficiency and quality of care, depends mainly on manager competence. This determines the need for student training in the educational establishments to be in conformity with the need for leaders who are prepared to apply modern management methods and tools, an individual approach to patient care, and work on a science-based model of healthcare management. This will improve the quality of health care and increase the efficiency of health services.




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