• Darina Mineva National Health Insurance Fund, Sofia,


health indicators, mortality, lifestyle, quality of life, motivation


Chronic non-communicable diseases are the largest factor in life expectancy and mortality. Despite the measures, morbidity and mortality remain high. The purpose of the study is to present the discrepancy between people's beliefs about the need for physical activity and Eurostat's health statistics in Bulgaria, and to identify a possible cause.
Factors such as physical activity, mental health status and overall mortality in Bulgaria are worse than in the EU Member States. This finding contradicts people's attitudes and beliefs from their own research. It has been found that there is a conflict between the intention to behave and the orientation of the active lifestyle behavior, which is low in motivation.
The economic factors that impair the quality of life exert an influence on the psyche with the result: lack of value, sense of happiness, satisfaction with life. Motivation suffers because of poor quality of life.
The main conclusion is that there is a conflict between lifestyle and health indicators, which is the very motivation of people. It is "compromised" by a downward trend, by the controllable factors of the social environment and the uncontrollable economic factors of society.
The possible answer to people's beliefs about active lifestyles against poor statistics is to influence economic factors in the link "economic factors - quality of life - motivation", between which there is a right proportional relationship




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