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beta glucan, immunity, pediatric population


Beta-glucans are large polysaccharides that are produced by various prokaryotic and eukaryotic organisms. They can also be extracted from yeast, cereals, seaweed and mushrooms. In-vivo and in-vitro studies show that beta-glucans have immunostimulatory properties, protecting the body from bacterial and viral infections.
As an immunostimulatory agent, ?-glucan acts by activating macrophages and NK-cell cytotoxicity. Compared to synthetic immunostimulants, it stimulates the human immune system by a natural mechanism.
Beta glucans attack influenza viruses, shorten the period of illness, reduce the risk of subsequent complications and facilitate recovery from flu, colds and bacterial infections. They are also effective in other diseases, such as tumors, leptospirosis, colitis, etc. There is an increasing focus on the role of ?-glucan in children with respiratory problems. The proper functioning of the immune system in children is the key to health. A strong immune system provides powerful natural defenses against pathogens, while a weakened one makes the child more susceptible to infections.
The effect of beta glucans on obesity has also been studied.
In addition, research is being conducted in the food industry into the production of beta-glucan-containing bread as a healthier alternative to plain white bread.
However, there are studies that show that in children with asthma, the presence of beta (1-3) D-glucan in house dust can lead to exacerbation of symptoms without leading to lung damage.
In pharmacy practice there is a wide selection of over-the-counter products that contain beta glucan for immunostimulation. Even in the conditions of a covid-19 pandemic, products containing beta glucan are recommended by medical professionals both in order to strengthen the immune system and in the recovery period after a covid-19 infection.
In conclusion, we can assess that beta glucans are natural substances with high immunostimulatory potential, which at the same time have a high safety profile compared to the dose regimen




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