• Kenela Zuko
  • Adnana Muratspahić


upbringing, education, digitalization, student, teacher, school


The emergence and development of digital technology have caused many changes in society. All social changes have to do with school, so that over time they are reflected on the educational institutions as well. School in order to progress and fully justify it's role, must be in line with the times, every thing that society places very quickly becomes an integral part of upbringing and education. Digitization is one of them. Converting something from the analog to the digital form was not job of the school. For a long time, teaching dates back to established methods of work, communication and interaction but also to material and technical basis. In recent years in the midst of an increasing number of digital devices, there has been change in the way schools work. Everything that was once done is gradually being pashed out and something completely new, different, innovative is coming. The position of students is changing, relations in teaching and the former means of work being replaced by today's tablet, mobile phones, laptops, smart borders, etc. It is all something that represent a huge change and every change has it's role but also it's impact. In this case, the role of these innovations in digitization in teaching is, among others things. Talking about the impact, it can be positive or negative depending on how something is used. It all depends on ourselves. If we are aware of the concept of digitalization and if we are aware of all it's characteristics, we will be able to get the best out of it. If we do not know her flaws, it is very possible that in time we will become her slave or addict. In the following we have listed in more detail all those important things related, on the one hand for the upbringing and education of the primary school students and on the other hand of digitalization, because ... today one does not go without the other and we are witnessing this because of this planet situation more precisely the pandemic due to which we were forced to educate students through the mediation of the digital technology




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