• Beba Bajalski Freelance negotiation consultant
  • Nevenka Popović Šević Faculty of Contemporary Arts, Belgrade


Covid-19, communication effectiveness, digital media, health crisis, business communication changes


Although emergencies can be recognized in all periods of human society, in the modern world human's aspiration to take power over nature proves to be a fallacy because with the development of society and the advancement of technology the dangers become greater. The Covid-19 pandemic outbreak during 2020 underlined extreme necessity for effective communication between states and population around the globe. Communication and valuable marketing activities for cooperation between public health systems, business and general public got priority importance. In case of Covid-19 pandemic outbreak the lack of proper communication activities led in the beginning to a lot of fear, loss of trust due to a lot of controversial news, as well as to panic reactions and decrease in the field of economy. It is obvious that the worst consequence of lack of correct communication was loss of lives. The aspiration of society becomes the development and improvement of a resistant system to such disaster, and accordingly, preventive and operational protection measures for society evolve as a priority. When a disaster occurs, emergency services communication becomes an important management function. The paper takes into account the context of the transformation of the communication process in the modern world in the form of Internet communication, which is in synchronous use with traditional forms of communication, and in the future pretends to become a tendency, specifically related to business communication across Covid-19. Communication in mentioned situation should include determining the goals of business communication, communication to general public as well as ways to involve a proper marketing actions to achieve them, determining the content of information to be sent to different publics as well as planned expectations of feedback. It can be noticed that communication primarily presupposes a detailed description of the problem, because this type of description is already one of the important steps for solving the problem. In other words, it is primarily necessary to form the basis of communication policy, i.e. the concept. The purpose of this paper is to point out the crucial role of proper communication and marketing for adequate Covid-19 crisis management. The subject of the paper will be exhibited by the methodology based on the general social, scientific and personal practical experience of the authors and by the usage of comparative method. The result of this paper aspire to implement risk communication and marketing steps for readiness of businesses and general population to react in organized way by implementing necessary security health recommendations. As this paper could not include analysis of all communication models related to Covid-19 pandemic the conclusion is that similar knowledge should be analyzed for proper risk communication and marketing of trustworthy operational advices to the business, employees and overall population in cases of such dangerous global problems which humanity is experiencing during Covid-19 crisis in every country. The recommendation arising from this paper indicates necessity for applying efforts into effective communication style using all available information of importance and marketing of proper security ideas for different psychological types of people in business and general community




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