• Nikola Vukčević Faculty of Arts and Communications, University of Donja Gorica – Podgorica


pedagogy, education, innovation, market


The paper deals with the relation between the labor market and the pedagogy phenomenon. A chronological overview of pedagogy has been made, since first interpretations of this concept, through the separation of philosophy from social sciences, to be rounded off by differentiating pedagogy from philosophy. Considering the Western pedagogical method, which is going in our area, it was made an overview of the activities of the Sophist, as the creator of this pedagogical approach. There is a whole range of thinkers of this segment, starting with a humanists, then it would be addressed on the socialist and communist expression of this notion. The following is an interpretation of the subject of pedagogy in a global context and the structuralisation of the same subject adapted to our region. In further elaboration, through various observed elements that contribute to the appearance of unwanted atmospheres in the education process in the region, and even wider, the targeted problem is explained. The aim is to use the innovative approaches in the educational process to reduce and, ultimately, eliminate the saturation of the labor market. The introduction of novelties in the teaching field would provide broader education to young people and create a stronger personnel base, which would be more competitive and more privileged on the market. Therefore, in the final consideration, there are exposed four proposals that lead to the affirmation of the assigned task on the example of Montenegro. The first refers to the adoption of the principles of realism, which suggests the perception of the education process of Montenegro in accordance with its possibilities and limitations of the small community. Second tool, to deal with this problem, relates to permanent reconsideration. This would mean that it is necessary to take a more frequent consideration of the position of our higher education in relation to global qualities, or at least a regional framework. That what seems to be of great importance for solving the current problem relates to the principle of continuous advancement. This is about educators and their effort to keep their education in the continuity, and by attaining the teaching experience, there would happens positive changes also. With mentioned proposal in this third phase, it would result in a shift in the education process, what would affect the quality of the same. The last method that creates prosperity refers to the gathering of experiences from countries that are more advanced, with what would we move faster towards progress and we would more easily face potential barriers. The fact is that Montenegro, unlike for example of the more cautious Germans, rush with the Bologna process, what create an insecure situation that has proven like unfavorable to our labor market. Based on the above, we can perceive at the situation in our country, when it comes to the relationship between the education system and market needs. Given that the countries in the region are more or less in this problematics, it is very possible that the application of the above proposals can lead to improvement of educational and market relations outside the Montenegrin borders.




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