• Kamelia Bogdanova Medical University – Sofia
  • Evgeni Ivanov Medical University – Sofia
  • Zhulieta Gerenova Medical University – Sofia


nurse, manager, qualification, quality, healthcare


Healthcare management is based on the mobilization of human resources and the resources of the environment. Their effective use determines to a great extent the quality of care, which is a major factor for the sustainable development of the healthcare establishments. The healthcare management is performed by managers and they must have knowledge and skills to carry out management and administrative functions in the current social and economic conditions. The managers must have ability to mobilize human resources in line with patients' needs and in with improving the quality and efficiency of healthcare. The work organizational level in the ward, which determines the efficiency and quality of care, depends mainly on manager competence.
The paper presents results from investigation on quality of healthcare management. The aim of the study is investigation on healthcare management by analysis of the statistical relationships between manager qualification and factors that influence on health care quality.
Object of the study is healthcare management in six hospitals for active treatment. The research is based on direct individual survey and covers 120 senior nurses. Signs related to their social status, work organization, control of health activities, the role and place of the nurse in the treatment process have been investigated.
The analysis of the survey data is focused on characterization of nursing care in the hospital, professional training and competencies of nurses for quality care, nursing documentation and nursing file, causes of deterioration of the healthcare quality, satisfaction and motivation of nurses, applicability of single model for healthcare management with a relevant information product to the hospital information system.
The results were processed with SPSS v.19 statistical software. Qualitative and quantitative parameters for problem identification were used.
Improving the quality of healthcare and the sustainable development of human resources requires increasing the share of healthcare managers who hold postgraduate qualifications. This could be achieved by optimizing organization in health care facilities to provide greater opportunities in the context of the European lifelong learning principles, and by increasing the motivation of healthcare managers and professionals to develop their professional competences, having a clear career development perspective.
Important conditions for effectiveness and quality of the healthcare are the application of management methods and means and the use of technical forms and reports. The data obtained show that these conditions depend on educational degree and post-graduate qualification.




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