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orientalism, poetry, literature, song, lyrics, language


In the period from the 15th to the beginning of the 20th century, Bosnian literature was created under the influence of Islamic-Oriental culture and civilization and in accordance with the poetics built on classical Arabic-Persian literature. The greatest aesthetic achievements in literary expression were achieved by our writers of that time within the divan poetry. By the term Bosnian literature in oriental languages ​​we mean rich and diverse creativity in prose and poetry, which lasted more than four centuries. Divan poetry has its laws that were followed by all who belonged to it. It inherits a lot from Iranians and Arabs, not only in form but also in subject matter and vocabulary. Knowing of this literature required from the author not only knowledge of philosophy, philosophy of Islam, tradition and history, but also Persian and Arabic.

According to the basic literary, aesthetic and scientific results of this cultural creation (literature in oriental languages) we must not treat it alienated, because it concretizes the mental energy of our man, so it is neither historically realistic nor civilizationally rational to mechanically reject it as a sideline of our spirit.


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