• Desislava Alexandrova South-West University Neofit Rilski – Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria


career orientation, technology and entrepreneurship, training


The paper presents the importance of career orientation in school education due to the fact that
technological development and the digitalization of the environment in the 21st century are changing labor
conditions and impose new requirements to the professional skills of employees. The rapid technological changes
and the Covid-19 crisis have altered the world of labor by accelerating lay-offs and the obsolescence of many work
positions. The appearance of new professions is pushing people to change their profession frequently. The new
occupations require a higher level of special skills and the so-called transferable skills. This makes it necessary for
career orientation policies to become future-oriented.
Technology and Entrepreneurship as a subject is part of the general school education curriculum. Its main focus is
entrepreneurial competence but it does not exclude other competences. Career orientation is a part of entrepreneurial
skill. The following key elements are fundamental for career orientation of teenagers in the school education system:
self-knowledge, information, and action.
The training in technology and entrepreneurship provides an opportunity to apply career orientation policies because
of its practical and applied nature and because it aims to impart transferable skills. These skills are broadly
applicable to a variety of work situations and comprise, among others: activity planning and organization; social and
civic skills; independent decision making and taking of responsibility; critical thinking and creativity; studying and
problem-solving skills.


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