• Petya Stancheva National Academy of Music “Prof. Pancho Vladigerov” - Bulgaria


Vocal interpretation, contemporary challenges, technologies, pop music, jazz


The main task of this work is to examin e the problems of vocal interpretation in modern music. The
challenges that contractors encounter on the way to the realization of their ideas, their searches related to achieving
greater competitiveness of the final product. For this purpose, a number of scientific works and articles related to the
topic were studied. An analysis has been made of a large part of the performances of some of the best vocal
interpreters in pop music and jazz. And since this is a matter that concerns practice, some of the con clusions are
made on the basis of the author’s extensive experience as an active contractor. The idea of the work is to show the
importance of interpretation and the great potential it brings as a means of influencing the audience. This will help
create hi gher standards and artistic value of the performances of the students studying pop and jazz singing. It will
open up even greater opportunities for them to build high professionalism. Tracking the development and changes in
modern vocal art will help to dr aw relevant conclusions to increase the quality of training.
modern world is a place where processes run very fast. Music is no exception. Social networks and various
platforms in the internet space, provide authors and performers with easy access to a huge number of potential
audiences. This is a great advantage on one hand, but on the other hand the competition is already very serious. In
this environment the way the end product is presented is of utmost importance. After all, it is the artists who p resent
and convey the ideas of the songwriters, but also their personal point of view. Interpretation influences the way
music develops and changes, shapes listeners’ tastes and is a powerful tool of influence.


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