• Darina Mineva Central Office of the National Health Insurance Fund - Sofia


Pareto principle, quality of medical care, access, equity, resources, resource allocation


This article aims to present an idea / approach - different from the generally accepted in health systems for analysis of resources in hospital care. Methodology: the Pareto principle in various aspects of specific medical activity in the health system of Bulgaria. Results: The statistics show that during the four - year period under review, the share of private hospitals in the contractual process is one third of all contracts in the country, against the provision of surgical activity to health insured persons - twice less or one sixth of all operational activity. all contractual partners of the national health fund. Private hospitals perform one-third of breast cancer surgery. Discussion: The resource is a means or an opportunity. Proper use of a resource involves the proper functioning of a system or well-being. As a rule, the allocation of resources is carried out economically. The results presented by the concluded contracts and the volume of operational activity are a mirror image of the distribution of resources for this activity in the health system. Through Pareto analysis of the number of contracts and the volume of activity of hospitals can be determined: the imbalance between the contractual process for a particular medical activity and the results of implementation and as realized volume, nationally, the number of beds as a means of treatment of a specific disease and prospective, rethinking the contract process by setting quality criteria. The largest and smallest deviations from the average value in percentages for concluded contracts and volume of activity of hospitals by type of ownership require analysis of the environment in which the diagnostic and operative activity for breast cancer is performed. Deviations from the average values, expressed as a percentage, number of contracts and volume of activity or randomly selected aspects of a process, are the initial data for adjusting the allocation of resources for proper functioning of the health system (for research - diagnostic and operative activity of breast cancer ). Conclusion: By applying the Pareto principle to different aspects of the activity of a hospital or different types of hospitals, or on some grounds, the resources of a hospital or health system can be analyzed, the beds occupied by a specific disease can be determined, determine the efficiency of the use of the bed stock and the distribution of resources at a given moment, as well as the correct functioning of the health system. The presented idea, different from the generally accepted in health systems analysis of resources in hospital care "The prism of activity and resource assessment, an alternative approach to resource assessment.




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