About the Journal

Serial type: Journal

Format: Printed and Electronic version

 ISSN: 1857-923X (Printed)

ISSN: 2545-4439 (Online)

Web site: http://ikm.mk

Editor: Prof. Robert Dimitrovski, PhD (Editor-in-Chief)

Frequency: 6 times per year (February, March, May, August, October, December)

Start year: 2009

Content type: Academic/Scholary

Language: English

Key features: Abstracted and Indexed, Refereed, Peer-reviewed.

Status: Active

Subject code: KNOWLEDGE - International Journal includes all fields according to Frascati classification: Social sciences, Humanities, Medical sciences and health, Technical and technological sciences, Biotechnical, Natural and Mathematical sciences

Editorial description:  KNOWLEDGE - International Journal is an international, high quality, peer-reviewed, open access journal publishing the newest research and good practices on the basis of their originality, importance, interdisciplinarity and impact. The journal publishes research papers in all fields covered by the Frascati classification - Social sciences, Humanities, Medical sciences and health, Biotechnical sciences, Technical and technological sciences and Natural and mathematical sciences.

The main focus and top priority of the journal is to provide transfer of new knowledge, good practices and experiences, especially in the field of education. KNOWLEDGE - International Journal unites researchers who want to create, use and share knowledge in their field of interest. 

The audience of the journal is, of course, researchers from all over the world who are willing to share their newest research. 



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