• Natasa Longurova Faculty of medical science – Dental medicine, University Goce Delcev – Stip, North Macedonia
  • Ivona Kovacevska Faculty of medical science – Dental medicine, University Goce Delcev – Stip, North Macedonia


Bleaching, bleaching methods, intrapulp temperature


In the age of modern life, aesthetic dentistry has increasing advantages over functional dentistry, and the demand for brighter and brighter teeth is increasing. American dental laboratories have gone the furthest in perfecting teeth whitening products, creating a "Hollywood smile". White teeth have always been a symbol of beauty, so teeth whitening is not related to the 21st century. The roots of this procedure date back to the 19th century. The teeth whitening procedure removes stains and stains from the tooth surfaces caused by various external or internal factors.The contemporary way of life imposes needs of new and modern esthetic solutions. The beautiful appearance is a part of the everyday life but the teeth along with the oral cavity are one of the first things that are visually noticeable so their esthetic affects the confidence of one individual. The oral health is an exclusively important factor which contributes to the overall look, it includes establishment of statisfactory function of the dentogenetic system as well as its esthetic. One of the main goals of the dental treatment I designing natural and esthetic smiles which satisfy the individuals and the specific needs of the patients. The possibility of achieving it all has improved over the last decade through the new specific modalities of treatment that are increasingly present in the everyday dental practice.Painted teeth are a real aesthetic problem for many people. Facial aesthetics implies beautiful and white teeth, which is increasingly the desire of many patients. Which whitening product and which method will be used depends on the color of the teeth. Since there are still dilemmas for and against whitening, its effect on tooth structure and its effect on intrapulp temperature, we decided that this should be the goal of our research. As part of our research, which is a review of the literature not older than 10 years, we also covered the types of whitening indications, contraindications, and we gave an overview of all aspects that are important for patients.The results obtained from the research literature show that teeth whitening improves the patient's self-confidence. A beautiful and bright smile is the first thing people notice when they meet. White teeth have long been considered friends of beauty and good health


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