• Dalibor Serafimovski Faculty of Electrical engineering, University “Goce Delčev”-Štip, Republic of North Macedonia
  • Goran Tasev Faculty of Natural and Technical Sciences, University “Goce Delčev”-Štip, Republic of North Macedonia
  • Ivan Boev Faculty of Natural and Technical Sciences, University “Goce Delčev”-Štip, Republic of North Macedonia


Ore body, Cukar 2 East, Buchim deposit, Access database, ore reserves, mineral economy


The present Access database for the Cukar 2 East ore body as one of the constitutional parts of the Buchim ore deposit was developed as an integral part of the mega-European project ProMine, which aimed to define the data processing and their presentation in the Pan-European GIS database for primary ore deposits and anthropogenic mineral resources. The implementation of this project aimed at forecasting and estimating the mineral resources at the Pan-European level, thus constituting a modern overview of European metallurgy. For successful completion of work package 1 within the ProMine project, databases for primary and secondary mineral resources (ProMine-MD) and anthropogenic concentrations (ProMine-AC) have been created. Our Access Database that we created (in Microsoft Access) is an integral part of the large ProMine-MD database, which covers 34 European countries and has about 12,979 records for mines, ore deposits and ore occurrences.
The Cukar 2 East ore body database, is a preliminary effort to compile geological surveys and their data for this ore body into an understandable database that will be available to interested parties. The organization of databases for other metal deposits in the Republic of Northern Macedonia and the experiences gained, enabled us to construct a respectable database for the ore body Cukar 2 East, Buchim mine. Our paper explains the steps we took to create the Microsoft Access database using the representative and available data for the Cukar 2 East ore body. The database in question is constructed with the most important data that refer especially to the geological, metallogenetic and economic parameters of this ore body. Particular attention should be paid to the main economic parameters that are an integral part of this database. Namely, it is an ore body with active mining (Solway company) with proven reserves of 27,161 Mt ore where the content of copper is 0.206% Cu and gold with 0.165 g / t Au. In the part of the mineralization and the surrounding rocks, we entered reliable data that clarify the age of the mineralization (16.4-13.6 Ma relative 16 Ma absolute) while the age of the rock in which the mineralization is located was determined as relative one between 28.4 - 23, 03 Ma while the absolute method (K/Ar) showed 27 Ma. From a petrological point of view we want to emphasize that the geological setting is composed of rocks with composition: gneiss, andesite and latite. From an economic point of view, it is important to emphasize that proven mineral reserves of 27,161 Mt (from 2017) give serious economic expectations from copper metal potential of 55 952 t and gold of 448 kg Au. The database in question also provides additional information in support of the positive economic effects expected with the exploitation of the ore from the телоukar 2 East ore body.


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