Second scientific international conference

It was actively prepared and in the period from 21st to 23rd of May in Ohrid, Republic of Macedonia was held the second international scientific conference Knowledge – capital of the future, with the working title “New knowledge for the new people”. The activities, which lasted for approximately 5 months, resulted in:
a)194 papers, from which 153 were scientific and 41 student papers, authors from 15 countries from 3 continents (Asia, North America and Europe)
b)The papers were selected by the Scientific committee from representatives from 16 countries, with the president academic prof. Vlado Kambovski,PhD
c) Two publications were published and distributed at the conference
– Scientific and applicative papers (861 pages)
– Student papers (178 pages)
d) There is also an electronic version on CD
e) The official electronic version is published by the official publisher JPMNT, Vranje, Republic of Serbia